Crime without victims

Preface to the web edition, 2010

When this book was first published in Danish in 1986 it provoked a considerable debate, and it got both positive and negative reviews in various professional media. 

Much has changed since 1986 when this book was first published - unfortunately not always to the better. The practical and legal information in the book is no longer valid, and laws have become much tougher.

The interviews in this book document a cultural phenomenon that was fairly widespread in the Western world until the late 1980's, but which no longer exists. The open-minded and tolerant attitude that was found among certain parts of the population, and which the book documents, has been replaced by fanatic prejudice and mass hysteria. We strongly advice the reader to refrain from any attempt to imitate the scenarios that are described in the book.  

This book is no longer sold. The Dutch copyright holders no longer exist, and the Danish copyright holder has transferred the rights to an organization that no longer exists. In order to preserve the historical value of this book, we have scanned it and made it public on the web.

- The editors

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