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The Pirate Party´s Petition:
A Renaissance for Paper Magazines and Demise for the Internet
If the current worst-case scenario in the EU dealing with Internet censorship becomes real life we will very likely see a renaissance of the paper magazine. Spreading like wildfire is France’s already put into law the notorious “Three Strikes and You’re Out”, a European version of the American ditto = if you do something three times that Mainstream doesn’t like, you will be punished severely.

In France Internet censorship is unfortunately already Law, while Germany is on the eve of treading in French Prime Minister Sarkozy´s footsteps. If this country-by-country Internet censorship trend isn’t halted now it will soon be law in all of the EU equal to the horrific Internet censorship in China. The punishment applies to Internet users who access blacklisted sites three times thereby relinquishing the right to go on line for a whole year. Such a law will also give Internet providers the sovereign right to deny Internet surfers access to websites. Arbitrarily enforced extramural judicial court involvement. But what is being done to stop it?

The German Pirate Party (  initiated a petition, and got 134,014 signatures, appealing to the German Parliament, Der Bundestag, to immediately stop the bill censuring the universal right of every citizen to seek information:
Text of Petition:
”We demand that the German Bundestag, rejects the amendment of the Telemedia Act bill of the Federal Cabinet on 22.4.09. We believe the proposed approach, Web pages indexed by the BKA and the ISPs [Internet providers] right to censure sites, is opaque and uncontrollable because the "censure lists" are neither accessible nor well defined, as to which criteria are applied determining which websites are to appear on the censure list. We see this as a threat to the fundamental right to freedom of information.
We agree completely with the noble objective - of protecting children, and indeed protecting them from abuse, as well as preventing dissemination of child pornography - for the simple reason that this is in everyone's interest. However, the fact that the measures provided for in the project are unsuitable has been disclosed on numerous occasions in forums and confirmed by experts in very different professional fields on abundant occasions. Their conclusions are that censorship of Internet sites has virtually no detectable effect on the physical and psychological integrity of abused children.”

A big thanks goes to the 134,014 persons around the world who gave their signatures in support of the petition demanding repeal of the bill before it could become law! For the official protest text in German go to