Author, psychologist, commentator, film consultant and actor, Bent Petersen and colleague psychologist Jette Bach, have produced this great little book "Toddlers, Love and The Human Sex Drive" - published here with the authors´ permission

An Historical Document from Denmark 1971:
Psychologists Bent Petersen´s and Jette Bach´s

Toddlers, Love and the Human Sex Drive
- "a Danish Public Library book from the 1970´ies, that clearly demonstrates and documents historically, what kind of books one could borrow, read and see in those more relaxed and freedom loving times than one finds in present day restrictions on freedom of speech and on freedom of expression in general", Troels Peter Schmidt, translator:

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- af Jette og Bent
- psykologerne cand.psych. Jette Bach og cand.psych. Bent Petersen 

Back Cover English translation: 

Right from the beginning of nursery life also children are endowed with the human sex drive, expressing itself right through childhood, in various ways according to the child´s age.
This book is about children from birth to school age - and adresses all parents who will try to give their children a reasonable relationship to sex and emotions.

We hope that the photos and words in this book can give parents some ideas about how they can help their children on to the path that is right for the individual child.

One thing is very important: Children can never receive too much love or be caressed too often!

Jette and Bent


Back Cover Danish original text from the archive 1971:

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English title translation: Toddlers, Love and the Human Sex Drive, English translation by Troels Peter Schmidt,  Anti-Pedagogue - Free Educationist B.S., with authors Bent Petersen´s and Jette Bach´s permission.

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English translation: Jette and Bent, Toddlers, Love and the Human Sex Drive, with photos by Liesel Kolb. Chr. Erichsen´s Publisher
English translation: © Chr. Erichsen´s Publisher 1971
Print: Mandator, First edition November 1971, 
ISBN 87 555 0110  9
Aproximate translation from the Danish, needing your help to find the original Eng
lish A. S. NEILL quotation

"Sexuality gives us humans the highest pleasure in life. The unity of sexuality and love is the highest form of 
ecstacy for both giving and receiving."
- founder of the Summerhill School - click here

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Page  7: English translation: This book is not a scientific dissertation, but rather our views on which mistakes affecting children that take place during childhood with respect to natural human sexuality. In our day and age, where everyone wants to see their children become as harmonious as possible,  we believe that it is of great importance, that also children get wise, loving and sensible guidance. Exactly now, with the legalization of pornography [Ed. 1969 in Denmark], in which some people unfortunately don´t perceive pornography to be the fantasy tales and images they virtually are, but who directly transfer to their own sex lives as being reality. A reality that no one cand match, that will only result in frustration, if one attempts to do so. We don´t believe that pornography is harmful; one should just take it for what it is, namely fantasy. It dosn´t harm children to see pornography, they should just learn to read and se pornography (at least the pornogrphy that is in the market today [Ed. Denmark 1971.]) as analogous to Grimm's funny and exaggerated stories.   
There is no doubt, that many parents would like to change their own rather akward attitude towards child sexuality, så that this isn´t passed on to their own kids, but because they themselves often are inhibited and shy and have their own sexual problems to deal with, making it difficult to display a natural attitude towards their children. 
Too many people postpone their own kids informed sexual awareness with the excuse, that kids don´t become sexually aware prior to puberty, or that this is something that school must take charge of in the form of sex education. On the contrary, we don´t believe that one should 
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Page  8: English translation: 
postpone or relegate this task solely to kids of school age, in that the foundation for a harmonious sex life should already be formed at nursery age - by the parents.
We humans are not born heterosexuals, bisexuals or homsexuals, but as sexual individuals with a sex drive, that neither suppresses by means of prohibition nor punishment.
Our sex drive developes slowly step by step, and under favorable growth conditions will result in adults with a harmonious sex life. By favorable conditions we mean that first and foremost parents must recognize that children have an instinctual urge.
The sexual instinct is already visible at nursery age. Most women breast feed their children, at least the first three to four months. Although it is the children's sex lives we wish to deal with at this point we will, however, mention that many women get sexual pleasure sensation while breast feeding. This is quite normal and therefore only something to enjoy, not as has been the case as something to be ashamed of, that such a little and innocent creation could induce sexual feelings by sucking. A woman's nipple is, under different circumstances, sensitive to touch by the mouth, for example, during sexual foreplay. Since a nipple can not see which mouth embraces it, then of course it can not fail to react, just because [For text continuation see page 10 below:]

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it is a child breastfeeding. During breastfeeding one can, depending on the circumstances, choose to be dressed or undressed during lactation. If the weather is favorable, then we believe that, one can just as well sit outside in the sun without clothes on, if the baby is sufficiently potected from the sun rays fully protecting the childs skin. Direct contact - skin to skin - is equally enjoyed by both mother and child.
In one picture, the mother has chosen to sit with the child dressed due to low temperature, and herself being topless. Cot children have a harder time maintaining body temperature, so one must of course take into account the temperature on the spot where breast feeding takes place. The second picture shows the child with a short sleaved jacket, so that it can be protected from the sun. Thus, one can, in a natural and relaxed way be naked with the newborn.
[For continuation see page 11 below:]


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Page 11 English translation:  
The very best evidence demonstrating an innate sexual drive in young children is the boy´s spontaneous penis tending towards erection, ie. without any direct touching of genitals or other erogenous zones on the body. 
In all age groups of children it is easiest to see the boys sex drive, since erection always betrays the drive, but if one is attentive to the girls' sex drive, then one will see that they respond to various forms of direct and indirect contact, eg. making  sitting and rocking movements in bed, causing their diaper or pants to rub against their genitals, or they play directly with their sexual organs once they discover them. [For continuation see: Page 12]

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Page 13 Portrait & English translation: 
Bathing can also be practiced together, either with father or mother in an adult bathtub, even if you just go to the bathroom before you include the child, so as to avoid unhygienic bathing with very young children. In practical terms, the adult has a much better opportunity to safely hold the baby and play with it when both [For continuation see: Page 13]

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Page 13 Portrait and text: English translation: 
lie or sit in the water compared to standing more or less awkward when you use a baby bath. In the bathtub with an adult the child can both sit and lie on the adult's legs and lap, and here again we have the natural contact with the naked body that is so important for the child to get at as early as possible. [For continuation see page 14 below:]

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Page 14 Portrait: English translation:  
When after bathing and puttering infants, among other things, tickling them, snorting them on the stomach or play biting the child's behind, one can see how much they rejoice and enjoy it. If one tickles their thighs, just above the genitals or directly on these, one may discover that this also delights them. As for boys, they can, by being tickled around the genitals and thighs, [For continuation see: Page 1

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Page 15 English translation: get an erection as early as eight days after birth. There are peoples who, already from a tender childhood age, rub the genitals of both boys and girls to get them to fall asleep [Ed. Also a long standing mother-child Italian tradition - "Little Girls: Social Conditioning and Its Effects on the Stereotyped Role of Women During Infancy",  1975, by Elena Gianini Belotti]. Namely children enjoy touch so much that they lie completely still, and if this is just before sleeping hours, it can indeed be a relaxing way to be lulled sleep.

Boys´ erection can be caused by having a full bladder, as well as by direct excitation. It is an established fact (in U.S. studies) that the sexual climax or orgasm can be elicited in very young children of both sexes. Kinsey describes that male children of less than one year react to touching the genitals by making jerky movements with the pelvic floor muscles, and if stimulation is continued, the child's movements become faster and culminate in a general convulsion, that  is completely reminiscent of  convulsions, characteristic for most adults´ sexual climax. [For continuation see page 16 below:]

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Page 16 English translation: All adults can tolerate a baby examining ones nose, eyes, mouth and ears, but the moment when the baby touches a breast, stomach, thigh or knee, mechanisms of the taboo take hold of adults who prevent the child from further exploration. But the child doesn't care what the body part is called, while the adults´ attitude to taboo areas turns these areas into areas of shame, even at this stage of the child's life.

Children don´t have to be very old before they understand  that their behavior is undesirable, but this doesn't necessarily mean that the child has lost interest in the undesireable behavior, but only that the child in future will try to hide the unwanted behavior, and if caught red handed, causing feelings of guilt that can last a lifetime.

If parents in each new situation would simply reflect on their rejection of the child´s behaviour, as to why they don´t allow infants to explore the whole body, we believe that most will agree with us, that many misconceptions can be dispelled. If only parents would try to recall forbidden behaviour from heir own childhood and then to overcome such misunderstandings. If, in this way, one can help ones own children acquire a natural approach to nudity, and later body awareness, we believe it will be easier to be open and honest when that age sets in, where kids start asking about the body's various functions, genitalia included. We also believe that in addition to giving children a natural relationship to these things we can also help parents get out of the [For continuation see: Page 18]

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Page 18 English translation:
vicious cirkel, they themselves might have been forced into, and thus there must be so much more reason to think carefully about the restrictions, they would lead to.

Regardless of gender, children are keen to explore the adult. the entire adult body that has the new world citizen's interest and it is really not surprising, since everything is new and exciting. It's only a matter of who knows every fold of skin and every lab - and what was it that was under the belly? The skin stops and there is suddenly something curly, which feels different than the skin above, it would almost be strange if not it should be examined a little more closely.

Or think of the emotional sensations in such a small finger when it slides over the smooth skin of a breast, and a nipple suddenly protrudes; that simply must be examined by pressing again and again. Fingers and mouth are best to investigate anything new, so why not accept it when the todler will explore the adult's body? And in such a way raise a child´s body awareness. 

For a child an adult is like a landscape that must be explored. All adults can tolerate a baby that examines nose, eyes, mouth and ears. The adult is proud of the child that soon after a nursury rhyme: "eye, nose, mouth, lip, ear flip, tickle, tackle, tow," can identify these parts either of the adult or the child itself. But as soon as we´re dealing with breasts or genitals, [For continuation see: Page 20]

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English translation page 20:
Page 20 Portrait:

[page 20 continues from page 18] the parents taboos begin to come into play, and in most cases the child is hindered in its investigation by directing the child´s attention on other things. This is due to the parents' own lack of body awareness. 
Nude contact and unhindered investigation of both the father´s [For continuation see pge 21 below:]

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Portrait & English translation:  ... page 21:
and the mother´s body contribute to, the children as adults,  ability to accomodate an erotic relationship. If one raises  one´s children to view genitals as dirty and something one preferably shouldn´t touch, and inculcating in them a masturbation ban on naughty words while slapping their small hands, one is sure to give these children a lot of sexual problems on their way toward adulthood.  Problems that now and then may make it impossible for them, as adults, to attach themselves to a partner.
We believe that body contact, along with sensible sex education, will make our children more gentle and sensitive lovers and mistresses. The conditions of inadequate sexual performance that exists in this country, are precisely due to those taboo ideas, frustrations and sexual oppression, that the current generation of parents has tenaciously transferred onto today´s  children from their own childhood.

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English translation:
   Page 22 ...
Children´s examination of both their own and of other children's genitals starts quite early. These two are not yet 1 year old, and yet they are both very interested in each other's and their own genitals. It is not uncommon for parents in these situations to start to slap the small fingers of the children accompanied by outbursts like yuck-yuck. Here we must once again point out that children only examine these body parts as  they examine all other new discoveries, and that it would be more unnatural if a child were to navigate precisely around these particular parts of the body.
The child´s environment plays a major role with respect to bans, taboos and prohibitions during child rearing. The circle of acquaintances, the  family and acquaintances´ attitude towards what one  does, or perhaps mostly towards what one doesn´t do, can make it difficult for parents, in cases where they themselves have a sligtly more progressive approach to child rearing. When a family member visits a home with an infant, then there is usually no limit to adult enthusiasm over the child´s new awareness of its own hands and feet. Excitement over the child´s discoveries makes us forget to drink coffee and eat cakes.
Whereas most of the older family members would rather burn themselves on the hot coffee rather than  see what the child is doing with its fingers, if it has  anything to do with genitals. Similarly, most will not be able to resist ten small, adorable chubby fingers, investigating a face, even roughly, because isn´t it lovely how resourceful the child is. But if what we are seeing are those small fingers crawling beneath a blouse to discover what is hidden here, many are inclined to hand  the little investigator back to the parents [continues on page 25].

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English translation: Page 25:
In addition to family and friends there may be institutions to take into consideration, right from the child's second or third month after it has seen the light of day. Even today, many creches very outdated in their world outlook. The watchword here is peace, cleanliness and order. This is a reference to the fledgling who gets bottle feeding every three or four hours, depending on age. After a meal their diapers are changed, and sometimes they sleep. Activity is not based on  the child's age, but only on a time schedule. Eg. you begin to teach the todlers cleanliness around 6 months of age, which takes place as follows: they are put on a stoole at specific times and tied to  the bed post with a diaper. It could be appropriate object that this is probably due to staff shortages, and this may be true, but we know that other practices are applicable in a handful of nurseries in Copenhagen.

At this stage of the child's life, it is not possible for parents to explain to the child that father and mother believe one thing, while the nursery staff believes something else relating to potential problems  raising kids: but as parents one should try to change things, if necessary, by explaining one´s own principles. We know it is difficult, as there are too few nurseries, and many will be afraid to lose their child´s enrollment in the nursery, by coming into conflicht with the  staff, but here the same principles apply as in other fields - no one achieves anything if no one says anything about it. A group of parents who agree on the principles up on which they want the children to be treated in the nursery, should exert their influence.
In this book we have images taken from a nursery where students have enrolled their children. And in this institution both management and staff are open to giving the children a framework with as many oulets for their energy as possible, even taking individual differences into account. There is no stool coercion. When

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Page 26 English translation:  the children are tired, they are subject to a nap, without any  scheduled timetable. Thus, there is no outrage about where or how often the children examine themselves and other same age kids.
One must keep in mind that physical beatings or moral outbreaks expressing disgust like "oh no" or ", ik", against children's inherantly natural expressions, can impart feelings of guilt so strong  as to impair a positive link to the genitals at puberty. Therefore, one must at the earliest possible stage seek to avert untoward environmental influences. Impacts later in life can lead to serious sexual problems. When children reach 2-3 years of age, it is exciting for them to see what lands in the toilet bowl. Now they´re no longer fiddling around the pot or toilet to examine what´s floating down there, but would like to find out where it comes from. Therefore they look around while peeing or pooping, and is it all the while possible to have someone to talk to, then that is just fine.
A new stage in the life of the child begins at 2-3 years of age. It can start talking, so that what previously could perhaps be brushed aside as a joke can no longer be simply explained away, now that the child can communicate, even though not fully understanding what the words mean. Children around this age are preoccupied with the difference between boys and girls, while studing the opposite and same sex, followed by questions to the adults as to why Peter has a penis and I do not. Here it is useless to say: "This you are too young to understand." To fall into the other extreme and give a long objective account, that the child is incapable of understanding, is just as reprehensible. Children at this age are mostly satisfied with a short answer and no particular elaboration, except that there are boys and girls, boys have a penis and girls don´t.

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Page 28 English translation:  Furthermore, ask the child. Depending on the nature of the questions, try to find answers that satisfy the child in a simpl way without lying or telling make believe wives tales.
This age group is also keenly interested in everything parents do, and would like to help wherever they can. To go anywhere in the house and see how mother washes dishes or cleans up, is a true delight. Todlers follow on the heels of the adults and will therefore wonder even more if one excludes them from going together to the toilet, than if one quite naturally lets them stand and watch.
If it is the father and daughter, she gets on this occasion the opportunity to see that father, a man, has a penis like her play friend Peter in the same street. Perhaps she asks: "Why do you have hair around your penis?" Then you have a natural opportunity to explain that that´s what adult mænd have, and when Peter becomes an adult, he also will get hair there. At the same time she might ask if also she will get hair there, and then you can tell her that mother has hair there, and of course she too will get it, when she grows up. If she then asks, if she´ll also get a penis when she grows up, then you have to explain that boys are called men when they are adults, and that one is born with a penis when you are a boy, and that you have when you are

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Page 29 jpg. Portrait:

Page 30 pdf. file - click here::ort

Page 30 jpg. Portrait and Danish text:   

Page 30: English translation:
an adult, and the opposite is the case with girls. They are born without a penis and don´t get one, when they grow up, which is precisely why they are called boys and girls,  because of this difference.
The Child-Lover problem can also be reduced significantly in cases where the children are unfamiliar with their father's genitals. The behavior an "ugly man" evokes by flashing his genitals in front of little girls and boys, usually making them scream, is due to more or less home spun, hair-raising stories of such men. 
Firstly, the number of crimes commited against children are vanishingly small compared to the number of children who
become traffic victims in one year. Secondly, there are two types of child luring. There are those who only flash genitals, exhibitionists. These are the most common, and they are absolutely harmless, since they never overpower children. The second type of sexual offender, who commits offenses against young girls and boys, is the one we have to warn against. The latter category is, as mentioned before,  vanishingly small in numbers compared to the number of traffic victims - one doesn´t indstill fear of traffic to the extent that children don´t dare walk the streets. Of course you can explain to your children that there are some men who, under the pretext of showing them puppies or similar exciting things, will actually try to insert  their penis into either the rectum or vagina, which will hurt them, and therefore they should avoid going
with strangers.
If a girl or boy, has seen a father urinate or seen him in the morning when his penis,  

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jpg. Portrait and Danish text page 32 below:

English translation of page 32::  as is the case with many men, is erect, and maybe enjoyed touching it, then it's not as exciting or frightening as if they were exposed to a stranger who shows up in a park and asks if they want to see or touch his penis. He´ll probably be rejected with a comment like, "Aah, I´ve seen that." A naked father, who´s playing with his little boy or girl, can very easily get an erection if the children touch his scrotum, or penis. This is nothing to worry about, since any excitation of the genitals can cause an erection, whether or not the stimulus stems from the mand himself, his wife or from his children. An erection is mainly physiologically  conditioned. Succinctly stated, this means that the nerves in the penis and scrotum that are affected, send signals to the brain, which in turn demands an erection. Thus, a father has  utterly no reason whatsoever to feel guilty, if the children's small hands tickling induces erection, nor does he need to hide the erection from the children. If the children start asking questions, then the father has an opportunity to explain the mechanism of an erection.
A mother can also experience pleasure if the child tickles her erogenous zones. For example, her stomach, breasts or back.


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Page 33 Portrait and Danish text:

Page 33 English translation:  When the children have the opportunity to see the parents and thus the gender difference, they are not unnaturally engaged in exploring this any more than the duck, they have in the bath tub, because it is equally important that the father or mother can play with the duck, soap it and rinse it after bathing. There may also be funny situations in the home where children are comfortable with nudity. We heard about a little girl of three years, who had invited her friends home, to see her father's penis, but here the father, much to the disappointment of his daughter, had to refer the children to their fathers. Not because he wouldn´t show

Page 34
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Page 34 English translation:  the kids his penis, but because he didn´t know the parents of the children concerned and their views on such matters. There are indications of course that this was a sensation for these children.

Children who never have the opportunity to see their parents naked, are no less curious, who simply try some other way to get their curiosity satisfied, and it's sad that some can only get this craving satisfied by a statue or, as above mentioned, have to try whether other fathers or mothers are more willing to show themselves naked.
Siblings and playmates are a popular objects to study. This is very natural, since children speak the same language, so whether their parents are sy
mpathetic or not, for each age there are a few things to be explored - either by looking, touching or smelling.

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Page 36
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Page 36 Portrait and Danish text:

Page 36 English translation:  For a child of 3 years, it is perhaps enough to see and touch, whereas for the 5-6 years, it must include smelling. Furthermore, children have various games of a sexual nature, such as father, mother and children, or they play doctor and nurse. In these Games they have the opportunity to undress each other and see gender differences.

Recently we spoke with some acquaintances whose boy was very familiar with seeing both parents and siblings without clothes and with his siblings have been allowed to satisfy his curiosity, concerning genitals, in any way whatsoever. One day he had a little girl home, and they played father and mother, which no one prevented them doing.

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Page 37 English translation:  They lay alternately on top of each other, and the same game repeated itself in the girl's home and for some time afterwards, but then parents intervened. They apologized to his parents their reaction. They said frankly that they felt that,  in their opinion, it was right to play father and mother, but their own prejudices stood in the way. After this incident  they tried to catch themselves intervening when the boy was paying them a visit, because they now realized that it was in fact harmless. 
Kindergarten age from 3-6 years is again a problem, since many of the institution´s staff prevent child sex play, child exploration of each others bodies or the use of words like pee, shit, penis, pussy, etc. In our opinion it is reprehensible to prohibit kindergarten children pulling each others pants down when all they want to do is to smell each others buts and have fun doing it . No one thinks it´s repugnant when kids sniff each others backs, so why shouldn´t they be allowed to snif their bottoms? Here we have adults, who unconsciously identify with the child, and because of a prohibition in childhood, have incorporated disgust towards child body inquisitiveness into his/her personality. No matter what kind of upbringing we´re talking about, one must be careful as to what one bans, and why. For children none of the above mentioned is disgusting, for the simple reason that they maintain a natural distance to what they don´t like, while learning from the adults to think of certain parts of the body as ergh. 
A boy plays jet pilot with a soapbox plane, and his little friend comes by and asks if she can get a ride in the plane. The boy takes her on board, but in the middle of the trip the little girl asks to be let off, because she has to pee. The plane  will be stopped, and the girl says, "you can try to touch it," which he tries with a finger, but when she finally offers the boy to snif, he hurries to say, "yes, but I'm not a

Page 38
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Page 38 Portrait and Danish text:

Page 38 English translation:  
real pilot."
Boys urinate many times crossing beams or compete  who can pee the farthest. Furthermore, they even measure the length of their penises. We think it would be nice if the boys could say to their parents: .."We have measured  penises,  mine was 4 cm and Hans' was 5 cm" - and the parents then replied just as relaxed as if the child had talked about racing at the skate park. Children expect only that you care about what they do, they don´t expect you to comment on everything they say, which we believe many parents are too prone to do.
The children are oblivious to a stranger, in this case, the photographer, acting as if they are alone in the bathroom. The second picture, by contrast, expresses the boy feels watched by a stranger, thus concealing his genitals with the washcloth. The reason for this isn´t that the children don´t come from homes where nudity is natural, but rather that  negative influence comes from outside the home.

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Page 39 Portrait and Danish text: 

Page 39 English translation: By external influence, we mean playmates from the street or from the kindergarten, who come from homes where nudity is not a natural thing. These children are often inclined to tease children with a natural attitude, so they become increasingly shy when naked, because the group with a natural attitude toward nudity and sex, is still a  minority.

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Page 40 Portrait and Danish text:

Page 40 English translation:  Children as well as adults, do not like to feel they stand out in a group. You obviously don´t force children to be naked amidst strangers at times when they, due to some negative remark from children or adults outside the group, don´t want to be left completey without clothes.
In sex play children don´t distinguish between siblings and other children they play with. Often, a sister or brother will be preferred, since they spend more time with siblings in the home than with other playmates. Sex play usually includes mutual

Page 41 pdf. file - click here

Page 41 Portrait and Danish text: 

Page 41 English translation:  touching of the genitals or a direct attempt at intercourse, however, very rarely with attempts to insert the penis into the vagina. As a rule, its more about bouncing around on top of each other. Either with or without clothes on. In societies where children can freely express themselves in sexual play, it has been found that these children´s sexual activity as adults is significantly greater than in societies where sexual play has been "naughty" and/or banned.
You can completely avoid telling your children the least about sexual life, yes, you can even most stringently  prohibit them under any circumstances whatsoever in engaging in sex play. But you can not completely suppress children's sexual activity. They will find ways to experiment. For instance, children will use nails as sticks lacking proper  instruments, when playing doctor. Here parents can remedy instrument shortage by giving them a play doctor set. Furthermore, at the pharmacy you can buy fingerstalls so children without harm or injury can explore an anus with a fingerstall like a real doctor.

Page 42 pdf. file Danish text 
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Page 42 English translation:  Some of our friends had left their 4-year-old boy to the man's parents, while they were on vacation. When they came home from the holidays, they asked how the boy had been getting on during their absence. The grandfather replied that he had behaved well, except that he, every evening, had been obliged to ask the boy to keep his hands on top of the covers. Great was his grandfather's astonishment when the boy´s parents explained that Henrik was in a phase where he masturbated in the evening before falling asleep, and that they were fully aware of it.
We have an example of a less fortunate kid from a kindergarten teacher. In this case, the boy was 5 years and had been strict orders by the mother not to touch his genitals. The result was that he played with his genitals  everywhere outside the home. It turned out to be such an  obsession that the boy was only concerned with his genitals completely forgetting play. The kindergarten referred the boy to a psychologist, and partly through conversations with the boy and by interviewing the mother the boy's sexual interests were brought into relaxed behavioural patterns again. It must be better to prevent than to cure. 
As humans, we are members of a community, and through our upbringing, we have become accustomed to live under the conditions that our cultural pattern, and enacted laws set for us. In particular, our sex life is greatly influenced by the standards of the community, we are born into, have set up in the sexual realm.
Most mothers and fathers in Denmark caress each other only when they are in bed. We believe that parents can show their children that they have a love life, by caressing each other any time of the day, so as to give children the certainty that parents have feelings for each other. Caressing should not

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Page 43 Portrait and Danish text:

Page 43 English translation:  just be limited to sexual intercourse. As long as the children are very young, jealousy can come into play. The fact that the adults deal with each other, instead of the child, may cause the child to try to attract attention and thereby interrupt the supreme moment. But if the child is busy playing, it will only be a question of whether it bothers the parents, if the child is present.
For Children around the age of 3 intercourse may be perceived as violence. Of course it´s important to explain to the child that it is not a fight, but an expression of love. It can be difficult to explain intercourse itself for children at this age, but use words they know, such as this is play, the adults are playing.
There are communities where children can´t avoid seeing  intercourse, but as far as we can see from the sexual reports from these communities the children don´t suffer any harm whatsoever -

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Page 44 portrait and Danish text:

Page 44 English translation: - on the contrary, it is easier for them to evolve into becoming good sexual partners.
A married couple, we know, let their three children have unfettered access to everything in the house, including the bedroom. From the time the children were born, they have had the opportunity to be present as often as they wished while their parents' had intercourse. One day their 5 year old son crept up on the back of his father. He laughed and cheered. Afterwards he said: "Daddy, one more time."

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